Hero Tolsma was born in Grootegast, The Netherlands.

He is a selfmade painter, sculptor, designer and singer. He lives and works in Groningen, The Netherlands and Monastir, Tunisia. You can see the impact of the Arab world reflected in his works

For many years he was experimenting with different techniques. Now he concentrates on acrylic painting. The style is known as magic realism (imaginary realism).

Art is the expression of thought and ideas realized. The beauty being the interpretation.

His paintings live in the U.S.A., United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Malta, Tunisia and The Netherlands.


Try State Magazine 2010: I love Hero Tolsma’s imagination and style. Hero’s work is poignant and interesting. Carefully crafted with a great sense of style, composition and color, each piece tells a story and pulls you into an almost dreamy, mythological state of being.

Jurate Macnoriute: Sophisticated male art.

Bluelife magazine: Hero Tolsma is a super painter that equally expresses while transmitting the feeling to his audience. The idea in Hero’s work is a dream world populated by beautiful men.

Philip Samuel 2011: Magical, inspirational, beautiful and honest…